A Definitive History Of Albion
by Jacob Milnestein and Jonathan Hibberd

c.33000 BC - The native Ainu people of Planet X are superseded by the rapid evolution of a secondary, more powerful race originating on the equivalent of Earth's Asian continent.

7640 BC - A comet crashes into the Indian ocean causing the beginning of global catastrophe and eschewing the end of the Ice Age. 

3150 BC - Following the impact of a second comet (later known as Enoch's Comet) in the Mediterranean, a tremendous flood, the final act in a terrifying series of global catastrophes, threatens to exterminate all life in the area. Noah, having been instructed to build a giant Ark by Uriel, escapes with his wife, three sons and their wives along with two of every species of creature. The giant Og, son of the Nephilim Hiya and grandson of the Fallen Angel Shemyaza, clings to a rope ladder trailing from the Ark in order to saving himself. Taking pity on the giant, Noah passes him food daily after the giant's claim of repentance.

2000 to 1000 BC - The Iranian tribes are established in central and western Asia after migration from southern Russia. 

c. 2000 BC - Abraham leaves the city of Ur. The Rephaim of Ashteroth Karnaim, the Zuzims of Ham and the Emims of Shaveh Kiriathaim unite to wage against Chedorlaomer, the king of ancient Elam. The three giant tribes are defeated by the Elam military during an encounter in Canaan. From this point on (and until 550 BC) the nations of Assyria, Media, Babylonia and Lydia are the most powerful nations in the Near East.

c. 1750 BC - The Rig Veda, India's oldest text, is compiled.

c. 1300 BC to 1200 BC- Moses the Lawgiver leads the Israelites out of Egypt and the Twelve Tribes of Canaan are established. The 1,100 plus year old giant Og, having failed to make good on his promises of repentance, becomes king of Bashan, known to the Hebrews as 'the land of the Rephaim'. Its boundaries extend from Mount Hermon in the north of Canaan to Gilead in the south. 

c. 1074 BC - The Trojan exile, Brutus and the remnants of the army defeated at Troy by the Greeks arrive in Gaul in order to collect further refugees before departing for the island the Gauls call Alban (or Albion, 'the White Island'). Brutus founds a city upon the River Thames named Troia Newydd, which later becomes corrupted to 'Troynovant' or 'Trinovantum'.

c. 1020 to 970 BC - The Philistines attempt to invade Israel but are defeated shortly after a young boy named David kills their giant Goliath, of the tribe of Gath.

970 BC - David's son, Solomon is made king of Israel.

931 to 889 BC - King Solomon dies and the nation is divided in two halves - Israel in the north and Judah in the south.

c. 870 BC - Melchizedek encounters the prophet Eliyahu and confronts his son, Alcinous who also happens to be Jezebel's lover. ("AoA" #18) 

722 BC - Northern Israel falls to Shalmaneser, the king of Assyria and his army. Over 28, 000 Israelites are taken into captivity by the Assyrians. They never return to Israel.

c. 700 BC - The Book of Deuteronomy is compiled by Jewish scribes in Jerusalem.

630 BC - Zoroaster is born.

615 BC - The fictional character 'Daniel' is allegedly born.

c. 606 to 605 BC - Nebuchadnezzar is crowned king of Babylon.

c. 600 BC - Zoroastrianism is founded by the prophet Zoroaster (also known as Zarathustra). The faith later evolves into the national religion of the Persian Empire. 

598 BC - The Babylonian king Nebuchadnezzar and his army invade Judah and Jerusalem and destroy the Temple of Solomon, taking its treasures, 10, 000 Hebrew slaves and four youths of noble upbringing back to Babylon and the royal court with them. Amongst the youths is the 17 year old prophet 'Daniel'. Having heard of the invasion, the prophet Jeremiah escapes, guiding the king's daughters from Israel to Ireland. In his possession is the Stone of Destiny (later taken to Scotland by Columba where it would become known as the Stone of Scoon). Zedekiah himself, son of Jehoiakim, is awkwardly made king of Judah.

586 BC - Nebuchadnezzar returns to Judah and besieges the capital after a Jewish uprising in Jerusalem. After suppressing the stunted revolution, the Babylonian king takes upwards of 100, 000 Hebrews, almost the entire population of Jerusalem, back with him as slaves but not before forcing Zedekiah to watch the horrific torture and death of his sons. 

581 BC - Cyrus, a direct descendant of the Median dynasty of kings, is born.

c. 575 BC - Belteshazzar born. 

562 to 553 BC - Nebuchadnezzar dies. Babylonia is ruled by a succession of three kings, Amelmarduk, Neriglissar and Nabonidus. After Nabonius goes off to fight a war in Arabia, his son, Belshazzar becomes regent.

559 to 548 BC - Cyrus becomes king of Anshan in western Persia. His troops proceed to conquer the rest of the Iranian continent and establish the Achaemenid era of Persian history.

543 BC - The Buddha Gautama Siddartha dies.

539 BC - King Belshazzar calls upon 'Daniel' to interpret mysterious handwriting that appears on the wall of the palace during one of the king's feasts. 'Daniel' predicts the end of Babylon and shortly afterwards Belshazzar is killed as the Persians, under the command of Cyrus the Great, take Babylonia. Darius, a kinsman of Cyrus, is set upon the throne of Babylon and after this he orders 'Daniel' to be cast into the lions' den due to a dispute with the old prophet. 'Daniel' is saved by divine intervention and Darius issues a decree speaking of his 'reverence for the God of Daniel'.

538 BC - Having conquered Babylon, Cyrus the Great of Persia and his army take Jerusalem and gives the Hebrew slaves of Babylon their freedom. 50, 000 return to Israel, the others stay in Babylon whilst many thousands move to Susa, the Elamite capital of south-west Persia where Darius presides.

537 BC - Zerubbabel oversees the reconstruction of the fallen Temple in Jerusalem.

536 BC - Whilst standing on the shore of the river Hiddekel, 'Daniel', having abstained from food for three weeks, sees "a man clothed in linen, whose loins were girded with pure gold of Uphaz: his body also was like the beryl, and his face as the appearance of lightning, and his eyes as lamps of fire, and his arms and his feet like in colour burnished brass, and the voice of his words like the voice of a multitude" [Daniel 10: 5 - 6]. This unnamed Angel informs 'Daniel' that both he and Michael have talked with the kings of Persia and that soon the Jews will have their freedom.

c. 535 BC - Azazel turns a Babylonian priest named Belteshazzar into one of the Alukah. He is later renamed as Isaac by the immortal Abraham, father of Yisrael. ("AoA" #18) 

530 BC - Cyrus the Great dies. Cambyses II is crowned.

526 to 521 BC - Posing as the king, the Median usurper Gaumata seizes control of the Persian Empire with the help of the Magi. Upon hearing this, Cambyses II heads back from Egypt towards his home only to be killed before his journey is complete. Darius I assumes control and defeats Gaumata and the Magi. The Magi priesthood is outlawed with a festival day being announced encouraging the people of Persia to kill Magi. Zoroastrianism becomes the main religion of Persia as Magianism is completely stamped out.

515 BC - The rebuilding of Temple of Jerusalem is completed.

485 BC - Coronation of Darius' son, Xerxes.

478 BC - Esther marries King Xerxes and manages to prevent the slaughter of many Hebrew slaves.

464 to 330 BC - The kings Artaxerxes I to Darius III over the Persian Empire.

458 BC - Artaxerxes signs a decree allowing the reconstruction of Israel. 5, 000 follow a scribe named Ezra back to Jerusalem. Ezra also carries with him valuable gifts from the king for the restored Temple. 

445 BC - Nehemiah, a Hebrew cup-bearer to the king of Persia, Artaxerxes, leaves Susa with a further entourage of former Hebrew slaves and returns to Jerusalem, where he is made governor. The Kingdom of Judea is founded. The Hebrew Bible is re-edited by priestly scribes and now features many stories from the rich mythology of Persia and Zoroastrianism in particular. Amongst these additional stories is the Persian account that will eventually become the basis for the Book of Enoch.

330 BC - The Persian Empire is defeated by Alexander the Great and his Greek army. The Achaemenid dynasty ends and shortly after, 'Daniel' dies in Susa.

200 BC - The Book of Giants is written. The Book of Tobit is also written some time after this point.

247 BC - Mani's Parthian forefathers begin their reign over the mighty Persian Empire.

170 BC - The foundation of the Essene community in Qumran. 

167 BC  - Judas Maccabeus leads a Hebrew revolt against the wicked Syrian king, Antiochus Epiphanes. The struggle against Antiochus is later recounted in the Book of Enoch.

c. 165 BC - The Book of Daniel is written in both Hebrew and Aramaic. The actual character of 'Daniel' is a fictional representation based on several people of the era who have since passed forgotten into the pages of history. It is believed that some of 'Daniel's fictional traits were adapted from the kings he served under. Around this time the Book of Enoch is also compiled.

73 BC - King Lud fortifies the city of Trinovantum and surrounding lands and renames it Caer-Ludd (later known as Kaerlundein and eventually London).

2 BC - Prentice and Katrina Fey born.

12 AD - Rabbi Moses ben Nahmen writes: "God has commanded us, however, to send a goat on Yom Kippur to the ruler whose realm is in the places of desolation. From the emanation of his power come destruction and ruin...His portion among the animals is the goat. The demons are part of his realm and are called in the Bible seirim (legendary he-goats fostered by Azazel)".

37 AD - Flavius Josephus, a Jewish historian is born.

97 AD - Flavius Josephus dies.

100 AD - The Essenes bury the Dead Sea Scrolls in caves. Amongst the works are fragments of the Book of Noah and the Book of Enoch, transcribed by the Essenes from the largely oral traditions taught to them (along with knowledge of the Kabbalah) from the wandering zaddik-priests, the descendants of Noah.. The early Christian prophet St John the Divine draws upon the Book of Enoch whilst creating the Book of Revelations.

120 AD - The collapse of the Essene community in Qumran.

200 AD - The early Christian scholar, Julius Africanus is born. During his lifetime he will misguidedly adapt the story of the Watchers into a tale that is later known as the Book of the Cave of Treasures. After the suppression of the Book of Enoch, Africanus' fable is widely accepted as established truth.

215 AD - The much loathed prophet and founder of Manichaeism, Mani (also known as Manichaeus the ignorant by the Christians of the time) is born in the Babylonian town of Ctesiphon.

224 to 225 AD - Mani's parents are deposed. After defeating the Parthians, Ardashir I establishes a new Sassanian ruling dynasty and a new Persian Empire.

245 AD - Julius Africanus dies.

277 AD - After the declaration of Manichaeism as heresy by the new ruling Sassanian dynasty of Persia, fanatical Zoroastrians apprehend Mani at Jund-i-Shapur in south-west Persia. Mani is imprisoned and tortured before being bound in chains and left to die. After his demise, his skin is flayed and stuffed with straw and erected on the gates of the town whilst blood still runs freely from it. His head is severed from the remainder of his corpse and impaled upon a pole for the people of the town to see. This event leads to a bloody crusade against all Manichaeans by the Zoroastrians.

306 AD - Flavius Furius Aquila is present as Constantine the Great is hailed King of the Britons and Roman Emperor.

307 AD - Both Flavius Furius Aquila and Quintus Ulpius Silvanus fight in Constantine's first campaign against Maxentius.

342 AD - St Jerome, the Syriac Church Father, is born.

c. 347 AD - St John Chrysostom, the later archbishop of Constantinople and Church Father, is born.

c. 407 AD - St John Chrysostom dies.

420 AD - St Jerome dies.

600 AD - Xuan Zang embarks on a treacherous journey along the Silk Road from China to India (knowing that upon his return he may be executed due to the law of the Tang dynasty forbidding travel outside of China) in order to bring certain sacred Buddhist sutras back to China.

640 AD - The Persian Empire falls and the Sassanian kings are killed by the invading Arabs.

745 AD - Uriel and Raguel, amongst others, are reprobated by the Church Council in Rome. 

808 to 810 AD - George Syncellus, a learned monk, quotes liberally from the Book of Enoch in his work titled Chronographia.

853 AD - Pope Leo IV dies. John Anglicus, an English cardinal is universally elected as the new Papal authority, Pope John VIII.

855 AD - Whilst riding from Saint Peter's to the Lateran, Pope John VIII is forced to stop by the roadside in order to give birth to a child, inadvertently revealing himself as a woman and earning the nickname 'Pope Joan' in later centuries. She is bound and dragged through the streets of Rome behind a horse, stoned by the people of the city, peasant and clergyman alike.

1010 - Firdowsi, an Arab poet, completes work on the Shahnameh (Book of Kings) with includes a detailed mythological history of Persia. 

c. 1100 - Peter Lombard, the noted Christian theologian who first associates the Christian Satan with the serpent that tempts Eve in the Hebrew Book of Genesis, is born.

1139 - England descends into a civil war that lasts until the accession of Henry Plantagenet in 1154. The war is waged between Empress Matilida and her cousin, King Steven, as both vie for possession of the crown. This period of war becomes known as 'the 19 years in which God and his saints slept' by many people in reference to the ruthless tyranny of Matilida's reign.

c. 1160 - Peter Lombard dies.

1399 - Wendy Romanova born. 

1400 - Alice Romanova born. 

1411 - A small village in Romania is destroyed by Azazel. Amongst the deceased are the families of Wendy and Alice Romanova. Isaac resurrects them as his vampir daughters. 

1538 - Henry VIII dismantles the shrine of Thomas Becket in Canterbury and has the martyr's bones tried, condemned and burnt for having dared oppose his king in a terrible and symbolic gesture towards the contemporary Catholic church. The jewels of Becket's shrine are collected and consumed by the royal treasury.

25th June, 1584 - John Dee's communion (through Edward Kelley) with the Angels whilst in Kraków reveals the following statement in regards to the fabled Book of Enoch: "And after 50 days Enoch had written: and this was the Title of his books, let those that fear God and are worthy read. But behold, the people waxed wicked...And they began to counterfeit the doings of God and his power...so that the memory of Enoch washed away: and the spirits of Errour began to teach them Doctrines...Now hath it pleased God to deliver this Doctrine again out to darknesse: and to fulfill his promise with thee, for, the books of Enoch".

7th July, 1584 - John Dee's diary reads the following message from the Angels: "My brother, I see thou dost not understand the mystery of this Book, or work thou hast in hand. But I told thee, it was the knowledge that God delivered unto Enoch".

10th April, 1586 - Whilst in Prague, the Angels request that Dee burn all the books and papers relating to his conversations with them as a test of faith.

29th April, 1586 - Dee's papers and books are returned to him unharmed.

1615 - Echoes Of The Fraternity Of Rosicrucians, Confessions Of The Enigmatic Brotherhood Of The Most Honourable Rose-Cross and The Chemical Wedding Of Christian Rosenkreuz first appear. The Mystery Society are founded by the Angel Uriel (who introduced alchemy to the world) as protectors of the Rosicrucianism order. 

1624 - Spanish traders and ambassadors forced from Japanese territory as the nation moves closer towards isolationism.

c. 1624 - Doctor John Faustus sells his soul to the Devil and, after visiting a handful of different times, is consigned to the Pit. His nephew, Tomas Faustus of Deptford summons Mephostophilis and every first born Faustus after that day becomes bound to the daemon. 

1668 - John Wilkins, the Bishop of Chester and a central founder of the Royal Society in England, among with many of his peers express their intentions to recover the original Adamic language of Eden, corrupted after the fall of the Tower of Babel.

1768 - James Bruce embarks on a trip to Ethiopia, allegedly in search of the Blue Nile.

1773 - James Bruce returns to Europe with three copies of the Book of Enoch. One copy is donated to the National Library of Paris, another is destined for the Bodleian Library in Oxford whilst Bruce keeps the third, deigning to place it in his collection before the Book of Job, which is allegedly its rightful place in the Abyssinian Canon. Before leaving France, Bruce learns that Karl Gottfried Woide, a scholar of Egyptian Coptic texts is leaving London for Paris in order to see the work and translate it into English.  Despite this a translation does not appear in print during Bruce's lifetime.

15th September, 1784 - Vincenzo Lunardi set out on the first balloon journey in English airspace but following a brief stop in Welham Green where he deposits a young Hoodwink in the care of a kindly lady, the daemon Keezmerk succeeds in transporting the balloon 223 years forward in time.  

1794 - James Bruce dies.

1819 - Aurelia Emily Chance, descended from Zedekiah's daughter, the princess Teamhair and the ancient Irish king Eochaid, is born.

1821 - Due to the efforts of the Reverend Richard Laurence, Archbishop of Cashel, the Book of Enoch is finally translated from the Ethiopian Ge'ez and published in Europe. Laurence surmises that the story originated from Russian Armenia, Georgia or the Caucasus, five degrees north of Iran. 

1839 - William Chance's mother born. 

1869 - William Chance born. 

1874 - Lucinda Potter born. 

1886 - Lucinda Potter dies. 

1889 - Mary Woolf born. 

1894 - A secondary collection of Enochian myths entitled the Book of the Secrets of Enoch is found in Russia and translated.

1897 - Abraham Stoker's tale of a vampiric Fallen Angel, Dracula is published.

1903 - Mary Woolf and William Chance married and immigrate from Ireland to Manchester. 

1904 - William David Chance born. 

1905 - Leonard Dudley born. 

1906 - James Chance born. Fait Accompli born in Rouen. 

1907 - Charlotte Chance born. Mark Wheatley born. 

1908 - Planet X discovered by Cambridge astronomers.

1910 - Michael and Harry Chance born. 

1911 - Josephine Carter born. 

1912 - Sophia Chance born. Canon R.H. Charles makes an authoritative translation of the Book of Enoch. It is published in English and German.

1914 - Livingston Chance born. William Chance dies. 

6th November, 1923 - William Fencer born. 

1925 - Livingston Chance leaves school. 

1930 - Livingston Chance leaves Manchester.

1931 - Livingston Chance arrested for pick-pocketing and sent to gaol for five years. 

1936 - Livingston Chance and Josephine Carter married. During this time Chance operates as a member of the Mystery Society.

August 1938 - William Fencer's father is assigned to watch over Livingston Chance and eventually bring him into Mi6. 

September 1938 - A Planet X Panzer Magic Goddess Corps craft enters Earth's atmosphere with the intent of awakening one of the universe's former rulers, a reptile god currently buried deep beneath the oceans and soil on Earth. Doctor John Faustus and Mephostophilis arrive in the twentieth-century. Eumi Komatsubara's uncle, Akira is crushed by the waking reptile deity. At Roarin' Rick's, a club where the Society have installed sophisticated transportation technology allowing them to move between Earth and Mars, Faustus and Mephostophilis discover a woman being sacrificed by a strange cultist dressed in the flesh of dead cattle. Before they can intervene, they are transported to Mars where Noir and M. proceed to recruit them into the Mystery Society ("N" #1). 

October 1938 - The Mystery Society uncovers a vampir cult is uncovered in Los Angeles. William Lee operates as an agent in Interzone during this time ("N" #2/"Interzone"). 

November 1938 - The superhero, Kid Albion is murdered by Hiro, the Panzer craft's commanding officer. Whilst investigating the murder at Roarin' Rick's, Ohls, a Mystery Society operative is abducted by the operatives from Planet X. M. confronts the Angel Gabriel, the current head of the Mystery Society, in London and turns his back on the Society ("N" #3). Fencer steals a copy of Chance's file from his father's office and reads through it cover to cover. 

December 1938 - The Mystery Society's super-computer, Noir (stationed on Mars) is destroyed by the Panzer Magic Goddess Corps. An ancient reptile deity is awakened in full and summoned by the Planet X craft to destroy Earth. M. contacts Chance about rejoining the Mystery Society. Chance refuses and is later tortured by demons and redeemed by Angels. With the help of Alita, a sympathetic member of the Panzer Magic Goddess Corps. Ohls escapes back to Earth whilst his partner Marlowe, also a Mystery Society member summons up the original mother of the reptile deity and sends them both back to where they came from ("AoA" #4 & "Noir"/"Angels Over Albion"). During his torture, Chance has a vision of Solaria, a portent that he will not understand for another 15 years. A 15 year old William Fencer, learning of Chance's exploits from his father (also an Mi6 agent), travels to Hell and sacrifices his heart and soul to the same daemons in exchange for immortality. 

1939 - Josephine Chance murdered. Mystery Society defeated by Monsieur Eternity. 

1940 - Livingston Chance arrested and drafted into the army. Eumi Komatsubara born.

1943 - a bloody confrontation in the centre of Leicester Square, the Fightin' Fist Four, Fast-Forward and Magenta the Magician take on Erlend Romanov/Anna Romanova in one of hir more horrific guises. Romanov/a causes significant damage to each of the heroes, almost killing Charlie Winters before he finally manages to drive the twisted remnants of Magenta's magical staff through Romanov/a's head. The creature, still breathing, is confined to the lowest level of HMP Screwtape Downs whilst all villains formerly housed on the basement level and moved up to the higher levels. Romanov/a will remain without food, water or any human contact for the next 56 years ("FF").

1945 - William David and Livingston Chance both take part in the D-Day landings. William David Chance dies. Leonard Dudley dies. 

15th August 1945 - Japan finally compelled to surrender following the detonation of American atomic bombs at Hiroshima and Nagasaki. An Allied control commission takes charge and Japan is placed under military occupation by Allied (chiefly American) troops under General Douglas MacArthur. During the following years a major 'democratization campaign' is launched involving radical land, social and educational reform and scientific study upon Japanese volunteers exhibiting signs of 'superhero power levels'. Christianity is also reintroduced to the Japanese people for the first time since the expulsion of the Spanish in 1624.

1946 - Livingston Chance moves to Bombay and begins work for Mi6. A new 'Peace Constitution' is declared in Japan in which Emperor Hirohito is forced to renounce his claims to divinity and becomes a powerless figurehead
ruler. The nation commits itself to a pacific foreign policy. Eumi Komatsubara escapes from Japan via boat and arrives in Hong Kong where she is adopted by Aurelia Chance.

1948 - Joseph Dodgson's parents arrive in London from Jamaica on the commercial liner, Empire Windrush.

1949 - Mary Chance dies. An abandoned Imperial Magistrate starcraft in orbit around Earth is recovered by Chance on behalf of Mi6 and the British government. Over the next 51 years, the British government, determined to use the starcraft to their own advantages, pumps millions and millions of tax-payers' money into its restoration. Joseph Dodgson born in King's College Hospital, Brixton to Jamaican parents freshly arrived in post-war London upon the Empire Windrush scarcely a year previous.

1950 - During a confrontation with his superiors in Interzone, Chance ties to quit Mi6 but instead is assigned to New York. 

1952 - MacArthur hands over control of Japan to a new battalion of American super-soldiers.

1953 - "Junky" by William Lee is published by Ace Books. The first of the new Angelic Watchtowers is commissioned and constructed on Earth. Eumi Komatsubara contacts Chance on behalf of his great-grandmother, Aurelia Chance and attempts to convince Chance to aid them with their mission to France. Chance declines. William Fencer first meets Livingston Chance and learns of Solaria's arrival in the 20th century. The Angel Gabriel appoints William Lee as the Mystery Society's new Exterminator, much to the anger of Guanyin, Saraquel, Azrael and Raguel. Fearing that Raguel will move against him before he has time to nullify Solaria, Gabriel infects Lee with a symbiotic centipede that heightens his powers and dispatches him to Royale-les-Eaux after Solaria. In a bid to prevent Chance and Fencer reaching France, Hiro and Alita, ambassadors from Planet X trick Corporate Man into believing they are Triad drug smugglers. Chance and Fencer manage to kill the American superhero and are rescued before their plane crashes by Raguel, who transports them both to Heaven. Whilst there, Raguel shows Chance the Parliament Of Absence, in hope that he may shed some light upon the strange prophesies they speak. Fencer is confronted by Azrael about his lack of a heart. In desperation he shoots the Angel in the head. Meanwhile, having discovered Solaria, Hiro attempts to assassinate her. His plan is foiled by Magenta the Magician who is then attacked by William Lee, in werewolf form. During the struggle, Alita grabs Solaria and they escape in her rocket-ship. Magenta, after stunning Lee, gives pursuit in his Bentley and teleports to the ship, however Alita escapes with Solaria prisoner in a giant robot named Katsuro. Having abducted Fencer, Chance is sent back to Earth where he is confronted by Saraquel who explains to him the true agenda of Planet X whilst, as a farewell gesture, William Lee kills Aurelia Chance. In a ceremony of much political importance, Alita, once again reinstated in the Panzer Magic Goddess Corps, presents Solaria before Planet X's Emperor Iwata.  ("FN" #1 - 5)

1956 - James Chance dies. 

1963 - Livingston Chance works as an agent for the Metahuman Abortion Division. Nina Ness born.  Eumi Komatsubara, still in the employ of the descendants of Aurelia Chance, inherits her first and only lecteur de tarot deck. In attempt to reward herself by creating a family to feel the absence of those who perished in her childhood she tears herself apart, fracturing each aspect of her life. What little remains of her is fused together at the end of the experience and becomes the mystic supervillain Xero-X who pioneers the dangerous 'Dancing Lions' technique of self-division well into the future.

1967 - Charlotte Chance dies. 

1970 - Livingston Chance works as a music journalist in London.

1972 - Whilst researching ghost radiation in the Antarctic, Joseph Dodgson discovers his mastery of the frozen elements. 

1973 - Michael Chance dies. 

1977 - Noir is recovered and incorporated into the structure of a space satellite designed to observe Planet X from a distance. Livingston Chance forms a punk band named Rancid Wankstain. 

1978 - Harry Chance dies. 

1979 - Mark Wheatley dies. Rancid Wankstain disbands. 

1982 - Sophia Chance dies. 

1983 - Livingston Chance and Nina Ness married. 

1984 - Jack Chance born.

1987 - Adam Daley discovers the mercury scarab in a fallen meteorite and begins a romance with the angel Hadraniel, constantly chasing after the location where the stars would align and they would be able to communicate with the optimum clarity.  

1988 - The Parliament of Crows create Mister Punch in order to attempt to cross over from Sheol. They fail. ("Crow") Christopher Chance born. Planet X is destroyed. 

1991 - Sophia Alice Chance born. 

1995 - Thomas Kaysen born. 

[Relations between the United Kingdom and the United States have already deteriorated due to the increase of metahumans within the US and their interference in world affairs]

1998 - France calls for a 'metahuman disarmament' programme to be set in motion. The United States declines. 

1999 to 2011 - A twelve year plan for a united Europe is set in motion, as affairs with other countries gradually decay. Boarders with Russia are closed with the completion of a new 'iron curtain' leaving Russia cut off from her former colonies as Estonia, Belorussia and other former members of the USSR come under the jurisdiction of the rising European Community. 

2000 - The 51 year old restoration project of the abandoned Imperial Magistrate starcraft is, like its subject, in turn abandoned. Shortly after Chinese New Year, Livingston Chance first encounters Elisabeth Fate in Harbour City. Together they found the detective agency 'Chance & Fate'.

2002 - Following a final confrontation between Earth's heroes and the Imperial Magistrate results in the reformation of the Intergalactic New Mages Corps. Formerly a tool of Ura God, the Corps reshapes itself as an intergalactic police force stationing several battalions of Science Heroes and Millennium Men on Earth. The Magistrate's flagship, the English Rose is salvaged by Leon Cale. Through his mighty business empire, Cale Corporation, he deconstructs the dimensional drives of the ship and uses this knowledge to expand his business out through alternate Earths, crushing all competition.

 2003 - HMP Screwtape Downs is pulled down, its criminal occupants shipped to confines of quarters above the sub-aquatic fortress of Lundunaborg. Charles Winters publishes his paper on Millennial Spirit energy and its effect on human evolution. Sometime after, he becomes Master of King's College, Cambridge.

2004 - Flavius Furius Aquila arrives in the present day.

2005 - Elisabeth Fate completes the first of the 13 senshi machines for the Intergalactic New Mages Corps. From now until 2038 they are used to suppress giant sized supervillains and intergalactic threats.

2006 - Cale Corporation is approached by the British government to construct derivative machines of the Senshi Machines, later known as Kaiser Machines, for the protection of the Commonwealth of Nations, following the disaster in Australia. A global outcry against what is perceived as a modern form of arms building ensues.

2007 - Raven Rider offers Fate the ability to see again in exchange for betraying the Intergalactic New Mages Corps. She declines and in return he almost kills her.

January 2007 - On orders of Joseph Dodgson, Fait Accompli, Centurion and a new Magenta the Magician confront a hideous creature named the Author in Victoria Park, East London ("AA" #1).

  February 2007 - In a confrontation with the rogue Science Agent, Xero-X, Earth #746389's JumpMan, of the Next Mages, uses the ancient power of the JumpCrystal. During their confrontation, the crystal is fragmented into six pieces and both beings from the surface of Mars to the Earth. Magenta intercepts Xero-X, preventing him from destroying Camden Town and much of London and the Home Counties, by averting his descent and both Agents are taken into custody within Lundunaborg. Whilst attempting to heal Magenta, JumpMan inadvertently discovers her real name. Despite this, the Next Mage and the Science Agent are able to come to an agreement and, with the help of Centurion and Lion Kaiser, ensure that Xero-X is defeated once and for good ("AA" #2 - 3).

March 2007 - JumpMan summons the JumpMothership to Earth and embarks upon a search for the remaining fragments of the JumpCrystal ("AA" #3).

April 2007 - Magenta the Magician meets the former Space Mage, Lillian Swinger in the astral plane. Swinger informs the younger mage of the escape of the evil magician, Oliver Twisted from the Fictionsphere and the fate of the Space Mages. Fait Accompli and Centurion confront the Cirkus creature on Finchley Road in Camden Borough. This creature later reveals itself to be the Space Mage named Faceless Fury, manipulated by Oliver Twisted ("AA" #4).

May 2007 - Vincenzo Lunardi's balloon, haunted by Keezmerk, reappears over the former area of Moorfields in London. The daemon is defeated by Magenta and Lunardi joins the Science Agents as a resident of Lundunaborg. At the Prime Minister's behest, Baron Romanov begins to apply pressure on Dodgson for better results from his department ("AA" #5).

June 2007 - Hoodwink and Dodgson recruit Vincenzo Lunardi as a Science Agent. Fait Accompli become embroiled in a fight between scarab wielder, Eve and former Science Hero, Adam the First. During conversation it is revealed that Adam is under the direct influence of Oliver Twisted. The activation of Eve's nickel scarab blocks Fait Accompli's access to Millennial Spirit energy and thus Magenta the Magician is forced to reveal the first stage of her 'wand form' in order to dispatch Adam the First ("AA" #6).

July 2007 - Magenta the Magician discovers a black cloud preventing her from entering the astral plains. In order to find away to break through she seeks out Agent Provocateur, Fait's great-granddaughter, who advises her to allow Lillian Swinger to deal with the matter. Fait Accompli encounters Eve in Covent Garden, who explains to her the history of Oliver Twisted's attempts to create superhumans. Meanwhile, as per Baron Romanov's instruction, the mercenary Quintus Ulpius Silvanus, with the aid of the giant Alban, attempt to capture Flavius Furius Aquila but their efforts are foiled by Lunardi. The daredevil aeronaut and Flavius convince Alban to join their team ("AA" #7 - 8).

August - Acting under instruction from Baron Romanov, four Imperial Magistrate soldiers, stranded on Earth during the Magistrate's original attack in 2001, seize control of Lundunaborg. Romanov sends two villains to deal with Lundunaborg's Science Agents. Fait Accompli and Lunardi encounter the first, a Japanese cyborg named MONARCH with an experimental suit of armour whilst Alban and Flavius Furius Aquila face a revived Author in Watford. During the fighting, Dolphin Kaiser is destroyed. ("AA" #9 - 11).

2010 - Amidst pressure from the EU, the Lundunaborg project is officially closed with all Science Agents reassigned or decommissioned and the three Kaiser Machines are deconstructed. Leon Cale continues to maintain the structure however and Joseph Dodgson remains in residence.

2012 - After the instigation of a single currency within Europe and those who traded with European, the Euro collapses and trade routes are cut off due to the instability of the European currency. From inside, a small movement speculate on Armageddon in accordance with the Aztec Fifth Sun. This event is later referred to as Apocalypse Fever. Stockpiles of weapons increase.

2013 - Following the catastrophe of the previous year, the Pound Sterling is instigated as an emergency currency.

2023 - Turkey splits from Europe due to poor relations and sides with a growing coalition of Islamic governments in the Middle East.

2024 - The Islamic coalition invade Israel and Europe goes to war with the East in order to liberate her. Egypt remains distant from events, advocating a neutral stance in regards to affairs with both East and West.

2025 - Islamic Militia within Europe increases with acts of terrorism that parallel the growing tensions in many of the world's powers. Egypt continues to remain outside of the coalition. Nina Ness dies. 

2026 - Thomas Kaysen encounters Livingston Chance. Thomas Kaysen dies. 

2027 - Jack, Sophia Alice and Livingston Chance emigrate to Hong Kong. 

2029 - Increased terrorist attacks cause the destruction of the Angels' base of operation in New York City and general fear of the supernatural, especially given the climate of what several Islamic nations begin calling a Jihad, drives the Angels from America. 

2031 - Islamic armies take Spain, Portugal, the former Yugoslavia, Greece and Italy and begin to advance towards Germany and France. Propaganda is spread amongst peaceful Islamic communities inciting riot and incorrectly referencing and exaggerating the historical significance of the historical Crusades. Meanwhile Islamic terrorist cells, with colossal support from specific Arab nations, take control of the United Kingdom and the two factions meet midway through France. The Royal Family attempt to flee to India but are caught and executed by members of a group that identify them as the Black Hand. None survive. The significance of the name 'Black Hand' is not missed by those who remain familiar with the roots of the conflict resulting in the First World War and the fall of Czechoslovakia during the 20th century. 

2032 - The Angels, exiled from the new world, instigate a hostile take-over of Ireland and work towards driving the aggressors back from Britain. Under political pressure, Saudi Arabia severs ties with the united militia, advocating, like Egypt, neutrality.

2033 - The Angels retake the United Kingdom, renaming the country as Albion and instigate a counter invasion with the assistance of the hostage European nations. 

2036 - South Africa and key non-Islamic African nation-states offer support to the rising powers of Albion forming a two pronged attack which finally drives back Islamic militia to the Middle East and 'liberates' Israel.  Hundreds of peaceful communities are destroyed as people run riot in the cities and Israeli military takes advantage of the situation.

2037 - The Treaty of Jerusalem is signed in which the Islamic nations are divided and the fundamentalist Black Hand organization that had been in control of the coalition are put on trial. 

2038 to 2099 - Period of calm in which Albion (now encompassing the whole of the former European Community) establishes itself as a unified and independent state. Copy-cat Black Hand terrorist cells continue a private war on the West but are frustrated at every turn. The world turns a blind eye to escalating atrocities committed with in the once sanctified state of Israel against Arab nationals and peoples of the Islamic faith. The senshi machines of the Intergalactic New Mages Corps are at last put to rest. Of the 10 senshi machines that were used by the West during the conflict with Islamic militia only 6 remain.

2054 - Jack Chance dies. 

2055 - Livingston Chance moves to Tokyo. Elisabeth Fate's prototype exceed buckler armour is used by Chance to repel a legion of 32nd century Prometheans intent on scorching the Earth from history. At the time Chance's identity remains secret and the figure is dubbed OniFighter Zero by the popular media.

2058 - Sophia Alice Chance moves to Tokyo. 

2060 - Christopher Chance dies. Livingston Chance moves to Israel. 

2063 - Sophia Alice Chance dies. 

2090 - Livingston Chance moves to Vladivostok. 

2100 - A feudal system finally comes into being with each city in Albion acquiring its own guardian Angel and with this presence the police force become nearly inactivate as crimes of domestic violence and rape are nearly non-existent. The Inner Sanctum grant permission to continue restoration of the Imperial Magistrate starcraft and work is finally, after 151 years, completed.

2103 - Isaac, Wendy and Alice arrive in Albion and settle in Berlin. 

2105 - Noir returns to Earth and is reprogrammed by Angel agents to operate as an early warning station. 

2110 - Angel agents recover the Holy Grail (brought centuries ago to England by Joseph of Arimathaea) from the cupboard of an old woman in Dublin, who believed it to be a family heirloom. Much of the old woman's cutlery is also found to contain residual traces of the Grail's energy due to over exposure, the most powerful of which is a chipped, twentieth century plastic mug bearing a portrait of the Teletubbies upon it. This is known as the Sub-Grail and becomes a part of minor official ceremonies when the Grail's presence is not deemed necessary.

2111 - Having heard of the recovery of the Grail, Daemon forces from outer space move into Albion's airspace. 

2112 - Daemons attempt to steal the Grail from the Angels as it is a source of enormous power but are fought of by Albion's air force with the assistance of the Angels. 

2114 - Daemonic agents begin to infiltrate Albion. 

2115 - The core group of Angels begin to enforce their power, conducting a 'witch hunt' through out Albion's isles, searching for Daemonic agents. Nathalie Eisenbach born. 

2117 - The majority of Daemonic agents are brought to trial by the Angels but the damage has already been done and the Angels have become even more closed off to the public. 

2120 - Scientists begin a long term research project in order to unlock the secrets of the Grail. 

2140 - Livingston Chance moves to Paris. Francis Dudley born. 

2145 - The first successful test of the Grail's power unlocks an unstable doorway to Sheol, the Land of the Dead, within the secret bunker of RAF Rudloe. Livingston Chance and Nathalie Eisenbach married. 

2147 - Jean-Baptiste Chance born. 

2154 - Jakob Harkes born. 

2155 - David Stephenson born. 

2160 - After the initial success, the doorway to Sheol is finally stabilized and groups of explorers are sent through on a three year mission. 

2162 - The terrorist group Team 36 is founded and established within London, the last city in Albion to hold out against the Angels. Hawksmoor #006753 functions as a member of Team 36 during this time. 

2163 - The first teams arrive back in Albion, bringing news of a land of lost souls and its governors, which appear to be average everyday Crows yet also with the ability to speak. Eight year old David Stephenson and his parents emigrate from America to Albion. They settle in Team 36 controlled London. 

2164 - The Angels begin negotiations with the Crows.

2165 - An agreement is signed by both parties and a Parliament of Crows is set up in London [which is still under terrorist control]. 

2166 to 2190 - The Crows are facilitated into the society of Albion and research of the doorway that leads to Sheol becomes known as the Crow Road. Jakob Harkes is present throughout the majority of the meetings. Liu Jian operates as a member of a covert Chinese intelligence agency set to counter-balance the Company's own unit (which later includes Harkes) from 2166 to 2200.

2174 - Harkes joins covert American intelligence agency. 

15th April 2175 - Emilia Ness born. 

2178 -  David Stephenson becomes Flagg and joins Team 36. 

2nd February 2179 - Joseph Dudley born. 

2180 - Livingston Chance moves back to London and joins Team 36. 

2184 - Disheartened with the stalemate between Albion and Team 36, Flagg is contacted by Jakob Harkes, acting as a representative of the US government and is asked to join Harkes' covert strikeforce. Still bitter over the situation in London and unable to reconcile his feelings towards the city Flagg leaves Team 36 and signs up with Harkes' strikeforce. 

2185 - London falls and all Albion is now under the control of the Angels. ("The Mission") A young girl named Emilia Ness is appointed Queen of Albion, in addition to the Angels' ambassador, a young autistic boy named Josef, both serve as vessels to convey the Inner Sanctum's wishes to the public in general. Francis Dudley dies. Hawksmoor #006753 is reprogrammed by the Angels, the secondary Team 36 self-destruct codes remain however, undetected by the Angels. Flagg is forced to retreat from Albion back to America. 

2186 - John Clandestine born. 

2189 - Harkes leaves covert American intelligence agency. 

13th June 2194 - Victoria Ballard born.

2195 - Harkes and Cameron Mcray operate as terrorists in America. Nathalie Eisenbach dies. 

20th September 2197 - A rogue terrorist cell led by Livingston Chance are butchered by an Albion endorsed superhero team upon reaching the Angelic Watchtower in Berlin. ("36: Epilogue") Chance is the only survivor. William Fencer flees with his reward for selling Chance and his former comrades out and joins Darwin Technologies, founding the metahuman strike force, Division 6, with Nikolas Darwin III's funding. 

2198 - Flagg is appointed team leader of the Darwin Technologies financed metahuman team. 

2199 - Unrest increases within Albion with some of the Albionic Community vying for their own independence once again. The Archangel Laeticia, one of the Inner Sanctum, is revealed as a Daemon agent, causing renewed hunts for Daemonic agents and further unrest. ("Prelude") Flagg joins Darwin Technologies' Division 6. 

24th May 2199 - John McCarthy born. 

2200 - Inzen Kettaku finally succeeds in taking apart the Senshi Machines Elisabeth Fate built for the Intergalactic New Mages during the 21st century and is able to reverse engineer the exceed bucklers for their agents.

January 2200 - The Daemonic warlord known as the Burning Man stands trial and is imprisoned in Berlin. Livingston Chance delivers Hermes' book to the Angel Saranyu in return for her assistance in mounting an operation to free the Daemon. The Islamic terrorist conspires with the Parliament of Crows to murder the Angel Saraquel. ("AoA" #1) During this time, Angelic early warning stations detect the presence of an unknown object moving towards the ethereal plains of Heaven whilst the Burning Man escapes from Berlin (along with Monsieur le 6) without the assistance of Chance and Saranyu. ("AoA" #2) Ishmael also encounters the Parliament's human representative, Jamie Calohan at Highgate Cemetery whilst the simulacra Blake #150481 is first contacted by Hawksmoor #006753 and Saranyu and Guanyin are dispatched to Berlin where Guanyin discovers Hermes' book in her fellow Angel's possessions and encounters the Old Gods, Hermes and Osiris. Anahita meets with Jamie in Brussels in order to organize a meeting with Ishmael. They are attacked and captured by the Mission. The crow, Sha'alim is murdered by the Fallen Angel, Surielle. Saranyu and Guanyin's craft is attacked by the Mission, Saranyu is mortally wounded. Guanyin is rescued by the Japanese rebellion and Monsieur le 6 reaches Paris. Ishmael arrives in Brussels where he encounters the Alukah vampir, Isaac. ("AoA" #3 - 9) Joseph Dudley meets with a descendent of the Cherubim and Emilia Ness and himself (along with Chance's companion, Anya Djukanovic) are ousted by Raguel as traitors. ("AoA" #7) The space-station Noir is destroyed by the unknown object moving towards Heaven. Albion sends its armed forces to engage the machine but they are destroyed. The machine is finally defeated by the Mission. Guanyin returns to Albion as the Inner Sanctum prepare to retake New York. ("AoA" #8) Yahriel appears on the cover of the February issue of FHM. 

February 2200 - The wounded satellite Noir is knocked out of orbit by the Inner Sanctum and impacts with New York signalling the beginning of a short war between Albion and New York. Hawksmoor #006753, Surielle and the Burning Man murder the Parliament of Crows and Anya. Raguel recovers the New York Watchtower and kills Laeticia. Inside she discovers the lesser YHWH, Metatron. Ishmael uses the Watchtower's supernatural firepower to cripple Heaven. Nightjar, Magpie, Jack Snipe, Guanyin, Dudley and Emilia take the rebellion to London and unite the former United Kingdom as the United Republics of Britain, free of Angelic dominion. Yahriel is killed by Isaac's children. The Angels return from New York with a bloodied nose to find themselves annexed from the former UK. ("AoA" #10 -12) 

March - May 2200 - The Angels build forces within the remainder of Albion whilst the UBR dispatches Ishmael and Jamie to the Martian colony of Nova Britannica. Wesley Lethbridge-Stewart and the Angel Callindra attempt to re-establish contact with Sheol at RAF Rudloe. Hermes and Osiris visit Johnny Faustus in a vision and tell him the location of the place they have hidden Hermes' book. 

June 2200 - Nova Britannica refuses to aid the UBR. ("AoA" #13) Uriel travels to Hell to converse with Lucifer but finds only Abaddon in residence of the infernal kingdom's throne. The Mission daughter, Ariel murders Basileus. Uriel and Azrael flee Albion as Raguel and her new Inner Sanctum retake the UBR. Guanyin and Anahita are crucified, RAF Rudloe is destroyed and Emilia and Joseph are imprisoned in the Tower. The Angel Angela is deprived of her powers. Livingston Chance and the Mystery Society destroy Monsieur le 6 and liberate Europe. Lucifer meets with Azrael and Uriel in Jerusalem and delivers Isaac into their hands. A new Parliament of Crows crosses over the Crow Road and disposes completely with Jamie Calohan, who's spirit is now laid to rest. ("AoA" #14 - 19) Melchizedek finds Isaac's daughters in New York and travels with them to Albion in search of Isaac. 

13th June 2200 - Livingston Chance is murdered by William Fencer, a member of Nikolas Darwin's rival metahuman taskforce of which the American superhero Flagg is a member. Shortly after Chance's death, Flagg deserts Darwin. ("36: Epilogue") 

July 2200 - The Burning Man returns. Alriel breaks Dudley's legs and Raguel takes Emilia to Heaven with her. Cameron Mcray is killed during a police raid on Nova Britannica, Ishmael is taken prisoner. Azrael faces off against Sammael in Plymouth, which is destroyed in their struggle along with Cornwall which sinks beneath the waves. Azazel murders Alcinous in order to discover what has become of her son whilst Isaac and Wall, after encountering Lupin X, travel to Watford to meet with the resistance. Johnny Faustus retrieves Hermes' book from the Library of Shadows and Inconsistencies in Cambridge University. Ishmael escapes from Nova Britannica whilst the Fallen Angel, Gabrielle destroys Harrow On The Hill at the command of the Burning Man. She is later killed by Alriel. Ayesha's shadow destroys RAF Rudloe and the Parliament of Crows and Nova Britannica is destroyed by Albion. Uriel and Azrael make contact with Jack Snipe, Flagg and the other members of the resistance whilst the Burning Man frees Dudley from the Tower, much to Alriel's anger. Azazel returns and destroys Saint Paul's cathedral (and much of the surrounding area) but is stopped by Azrael and Isaac, who instructs Johnny Faustus to use the Book of Hermes to summon Mister Punch, Lucinda and Ayesha Swanson into the physical reality. The resulting effect destroys Sheol, the Crow Road and Azazel and liberates Punch, Lucinda, Ayesha, Azrael and Isaac from their state of undeath, allowing them to pass on like Jamie before them. Abaddon tells Emilia that she is five weeks pregnant. Ishmael arrives in Heaven and discovers Heaven's guardians, the Parliament of Absence whilst Wall, Lupin, Faustus, Mephostophilis, Dudley and the Burning Man meet with Flagg and Jack Snipe. Wall sacrifices its own life by bonding with Uriel in order to save her life. The Parliament of Absence set the destruction of Heaven in motion by using Ishmael's anger as a catalyst. Jack Snipe, Flagg, Lupin, Faustus, Mephostophilis and the Burning Man lead an attack on Heaven and are all destroyed, save for Faustus and the Burning Man. In order to prevent his soul from being consigned to the Pit, Faustus cheats the Devil and sells his soul to the Burning Man. The Burning Man does not tell him that Lucifer is already dead. Metatron arrives in Heaven and confronts Raguel about her actions. Raguel kills her and absorbs her power. Uriel awakens and, discovering Wall's sacrifice, leaves the Earth for a destination unknown. Alriel faces off against Dudley - Dudley uses a stolen prototype Ark fighter mecha to kill her whilst Raguel destroys the Parliament of Absence and kills Abaddon. Ishmael uses the last vestiges of his power to force Emilia to merge with the last remains of the Parliament of Absence and she is transformed into the messenger of the Unknown God. He dies shortly afterwards. Emilia kills Raguel and destroys Heaven in a final explosion which creates a second sun. She visits Dudley and then leaves, promising to return once she has discovered the Unknown God and brought Him back to Earth. ("AoA" #20 - 24) Chaos and madness descend upon the remnants of Albion as it is revealed that, after the recent upheaval the nation is sinking. French boarder police are armed and eventually the French military is called in to deal with the refugees. A week later the air force bombs the Channel Tunnel, destroying it and preventing unwanted refugees. Those that can afford to do so leave by whatever means possibly, resettling in China and India whilst certain families move to Ireland. Dudley travels to Scotland. Aberdeen subsides into the sea along with Nottingham and other larger parts of England, Wales and Scotland. Amongst the families that immigrate to Hong Kong are Saul and Lydia McCarthy and their baby son, John. 

August 2200 - The Burning Man discovers Dudley and saves him from committing suicide. Melchizedek, Wendy and Alice leave the former Albion for a new life. ("AoA" #25) 

September - October 2200 - Wales fractures from the coast of England. 

12th November 2200 - England, and much of Scotland sinks beneath the ocean. Wales remains as an island as do small regions of the Scottish Highlands. 

2201 - Chinese and Indian companies establish themselves in the new fledging Europe, putting vast amounts of money into the restructuring of the collective European nations and help shape them in both social and economic terms. Wales forges ties with Ireland and so both the economies of both nations become interdependent. The remnants of Scotland still remain uninhabited. English families who moved to Ireland, and subsequently Wales suffer a certain degree of persecution. Scottish families fare better. 

March 2201 - Valentine Joseph Ness born. 

2202 - The Chinese and Indian private sector helps rebuild the European nation, just as the Americans had helped rebuild Europe after the Second World War. Architecture and business are heavily influenced by the Eastern companies but the political structure of the remaining nations is still fragile. A minority of Russian companies help restructure Germany to a degree. 

2203 - Remnants of the old Albion military, disbanded into various national militaries in 2200, take up places of office in France and Italy. Germany becomes more cosmopolitan, taking in aspects of Russian, Indian and Chinese culture. Pseudo-democracies spring up in the smaller nations but the political status of many of the nations is mostly occupied with the task of Europe's restructuring. 

2204 - Due to the instability of Europe's political situation, the lines between many of the democratic and military occupied nations becomes slightly blurred, leaving an ambiguous situation at best. 

2205 - Eastern religions, particularly Hinduism, take more of a foothold in Europe, replacing Christianity. Various publications claim to reveal the 'true' nature of the Angels. Islam publicly proclaims the Angels as having been false gods sent to tempt humanity and a small resurgence of Islamic communities settle in Europe. 

2206 to 2210 - An uncomfortable peace settles within the current Europe, disrupted only by minor skirmishes between nations. Various boundaries are redrawn due to such conflicts. 

2207 - Victoria Ballard wins an essay writing competition at her school. The subject is the beauty of China and of Socialist values. 

2211 - Hinduism becomes the major religion in Europe, the second largest religion now being Islam. 

2212 to 2219 - Economies develop though the boundaries of the European nations fluctuate almost daily due to disputes that often threaten war but never quite erupt into full scale conflict. As a whole, the European nations manage to hold themselves together with Germany becoming the most prosperous of the nations. 

2213 - Victoria Ballard loses her virginity to a fourteen year old John McCarthy. 

2220 - Victoria Ballard commits suicide. John Clandestine acquires a copy of The Chemical Wedding of Livingston Chance and is killed by Chinese officials shortly after. Jean-Baptiste Chance meets with Liu, the book-keeper in order to discuss The Chemical Wedding of Livingston Chance, John Clandestine and the Hermes Book. Liu persuades the younger Chance to flee to Israel and study the Book. Jakob Harkes briefly appears in Hong Kong, discussing the events in Shenyang, 20 years earlier, with Liu. John McCarthy is contacted by Kyoko Tsujimoto, a former operative of an Inzen Kettaku funded task force, and asked to assist her in helping her colleague and friend, Travis Morris finally find peace in death. ("UO&D" #1 - 6) 


2237 - Jean-Baptiste Chance dies.

20th July, 3122 - Aliana Deux becomes Solaria and travels into the past.

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